Oh, Yeah. I almost forgot.

When you go to the ‘Storming Love:Flood’ blog hops, there are chances for prizes.  A Rafflecopter sponsored by all six authors and some individual prizes by the authors.

I am giving away a prize at all 3 blogs I am on.  Duplicate prizes.20150413_121824

This is Texas Longhorn duct tape. (You have to read the story) Along with a glass pendant on ribbon necklace.  Drop by one of my three blogs to see how to win.  Those blogs are;  1.Tara Lain  2.Carly’s Book Reviews   3.BFD Book Blog

Hope to hear from you soon.



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Blog Hop

All of the authors of MLR Press’ “Storming Love; Flood” books are doing a blog hop tomorrow, April 24. Three blogs per author. Here is where we will be:

1)Parker Williams–Cherie Noel
2)Inked Rainbow Reads–Cherie Noel
3)MM Good Book Reviews–Cherie Noel
4)Bayou Book Junkie-Jambrea Jo Jones
5)Bike Book Reviews–Jambrea Jo Jones
6)Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words–Jambrea Jo Jones
7)Carly’s Book Reviews-Jenn Dease
8)Tara Lain–Jenn Dease
9)BFD Book Blog–Jenn Dease
10)Hearts on Fire-A.C. Katt
11)Velvet Panic–A.C. Katt
12)Cate Ashwood–A.C. Katt
13)Charley Descoteaux–N.j. Nielsen
14)Chris McHart–N.j.Nielsen
15)The Hat Party–N.j.Nielsen
16)Up All Night, Read All Day-Pelaam
17)It’s Raining Men–Pelaam
18)Michael Mandrake–Pelaam

I will be at Carly’s Book Reviews, Tara Lain and BFD Book Blog. Hope all of you can check out the blogs. Being part of this six book series has been a lot of fun.

Thanks for being here!

Jenn Dease

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MLR Press – Storming Love; Flood

Here are the blurbs for this 6 book series:

April 3

STORMING LOVE: FLOOD – Adrian & Lockie by N.J. Nielsen

Adrian Clarke knows his life is a hot mess. This is only one of the reasons he boards a plane and flies halfway around the world—so he can escape everything that’s determined to see him break. Lockie Rivers has worked his whole life on Tenderfoot Downs. After his boss died, Lockie remained as caretaker for the new owner—a man who’d never even set foot on the place. When circumstances bring them face to face, a flash flood comes along to threaten their very existence. Can virtual strangers work together to save their home, their hearts, and find their own slice of heaven?

April 10

STORMING LOVE: FLOOD – Bridge & Doug by Jenn Dease

Fourth generation lawman, Bridge Bridgerton, has never seen Copper Creek, Texas, flood before. Doug Jones is a lifeguard stopping in Copper Creek to look after his grandfather’s house. Together, they help rescue some of the residents trapped in the rising water. And together, they feel an attraction for each other that gets stronger day by day. But, will they be able to stay together once the water goes down?

April 17

STORMING LOVE: FLOOD – Pete & McKenzie by Jambrea Jo Jones

McKenzie Hallowell was born and bred in Copper Creek. He knew what could happen during flash flood season, but that didn’t stop him from driving through water during a storm. Almost dying might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Pete Compton moved to town five years ago to take over a feed store. He’d been crushing on McKenzie Hallowell almost from the start. A flash flood brings them together, but will it also bring them love?

April 24

STORMING LOVE: FLOOD – Steven & Derrick by A.C. Katt

When a flash flood strikes, Steven stays behind at school to find a little girl who hid from the storm. His lover, Derrick, comes to rescue them both but can only get Josie out. Will Derrick be able to get back to the elementary school in time to get Steven or will he lose him to the raging flood waters?

May 1

STORMING LOVE: FLOOD – Euan & Gregg by Pelaam

Euan looks forward to spending time with his best friend, and unrequited love, Gregg. But Gregg has a confession himself, he isn’t the straight jock Euan thinks. When the truth emerges, Euan learns of a side to his friend’s life he never imagined.

Just as they find out the truth Mother Nature unleashes her fury and they’re trapped on a mountain during the flood.

Even if they weather nature’s storm, there is still a more personal fury to be faced.

May 8

STORMING LOVE: FLOOD – Patric & Sam by Cherie Noel

Patric Carselowey stole Samuel Touchet-Smith’s heart six years ago in an incendiary act of passion. Then he disappeared, joining the Army without a word. When he returned, treating Sam like stranger, he broke Sam’s heart. Now Sam’s meddling Maman and sister have booked him a hiking tour with Patric as the guide. Caught in the unexpected storm, will Sam’s wounded heart be healed during their race to safety or crushed once and for all by lingering misunderstandings and lost memories?

As you can see, my book is the second one, coming out April 10.  I hope everyone reads all the stories.  I know I will!!

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New book

I have a new book coming out April 10, from MLR Press.  This is part of a six book set titled, ‘Storming Love; Flood’.  MLR has put out two sets of the Storming Love books previously, and has at least two more sets coming out, I believe.

My book is Storming Love; Flood  Bridge & Doug.BridgeDoug_JennDease_StormingFlood

This is a contemporary book without Dragons.   I will post the blurb and the other books in the series later.

Thanks!!  Jenn

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who celebrates.  Wishing you lots of Chocolate Candy and Roses!

Two stories are in to my editor, Kris Jacen at MLR Press.  One contemporary that is coming out in April.  I’ll say more when I get the exact date.  And Dragon Marines 2.

As soon as I know more, I’ll pass it on.  Working on 3 ideas for new stories.  Whenever I get further on them, I will let you know more about them.  Yes, one is another Dragon book.

Hope everyone in New England is safe and warm.

Jenn Dease   MLR Press

Captain’s Mate

Lonnie’s New Christmas

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New Year

Happy New Year, even if I’m a few days late.  It is finally above twenty degrees here and supposed to go above freezing today and tomorrow.

I’m fighting a bad cold.  Haven’t been out of the house since Monday.  Hoping to get out tomorrow.

Finally getting back to writing.  First the Holiday running around and getting with relatives put a stop to it, then the cold messed me up.  I could not concentrate.  Yesterday I was able to get some words down, which made me happy.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Talk to you soon.

Captain’s Mate & Lonnies’s New Christmas

from MLR PRess

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A number was picked and Demetra is the winner of the Christmas Giveaway! I am sending out an email in one moment and hope to hear from Demetra soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I deeply appreciate it.

Jenn Dease from the ‘Burgh
‘Captain’s Mate’
‘Lonnie’s New Christmas’
Both from MLR Press

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Contest Reminder

My Christmas Giveaway is ending tomorrow, Dec. 19. at Midnight, Eastern. I will pick the winner around 12:30 AM Saturday. Email will be sent out soon after, so I can get an address to send the prize ASAP.

Please enter your comment on either the previous post or this one. Remember, if 20 people or more enter, I will give out a second, duplicate prize.

Good Luck Everyone!

Jenn Dease
MLR Press
‘Captain’s Mate’
‘Lonnie’s New Christmas’

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Christmas Giveaway Contest

I am having a Christmas Giveaway. A very simple drawing. All you have to do is comment on this post with your email address. That will get you 1 entry. If you make a comment on my first book, Captain’s Mate, you get a second entry. If you comment on my new book, Lonnie’s New Christmas, coming out on Dec. 12th from MLR Press, you get an extra 2 chances. That’s pretty simple.

What do you win? You win a Dragon Rescue Kit with your own Dragon and Dragonkeeper’s Guide. And you receive a pair of CZ post earrings. Square cut, very lovely earrings. Either for yourself or as a Christmas gift.20141210_125440

This starts today and ends on December 19th. The name will be drawn very early morning, Dec. 20th, like after midnight, eastern time, and I will contact the winner. As soon as I get a reply with an address I will head straight to the Post Office to mail the package. Remember, this is a Saturday, so Post Offices close at noon.

Other good news is, if I have more than 20 people entering this contest, there will be a second drawing for a duplicate prize.

Good luck to everyone! Can’t wait to see who wins!

Jenn Dease

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Contest coming.

I have a Christmas Giveaway coming to my blog, jenndease.com. Details will be out Wednesday and the drawing ends on Dec. 20. I think you’ll like the prizes.

My Christmas short, Lonnie’s New Christmas, is coming out from MLR Press on Dec. 12th. The story is set in my Dragon Marines world. I hope you enjoy it.

Jenn Dease
Captain’s Mate
Lonnie’s New Christmas

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