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Wanted to remind everyone the winner will be picked tomorrow, Sept. 6, from the comments on my blog post at Love Bytes.  Under the GRL Blog Hop sign.

The prize is a $10 gift voucher for MLR Press. Stop on by and write a comment!

Jenn Dease  MLRPress Author.

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Wanted to clarify that if you comment on the Love Bytes blog, you have a CHANCE to win a $10 MLR Gift Certificate.

Sorry for the confusion.

Jenn Dease    MLRPress Author

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Blog Post

I have a blog post on Love Bytes Aug. 30th.  This is an On the Road to GRL blog.  You can find it at   Let me know what you think.

I also have two pieces of news.  I turned in a Manuscript for Storming Love  Tsunami  Max & Rob to MLRPress.  It still has to go thru edits, but as soon as I get a publication date, I will post it here.

And….Drum Roll, Please…..MLR is putting together my three Dragon Marines books in a PRINT BOOK!!!  This is so exciting, I can barely believe it.  I was calling the Redheads and others to announce the news.  Can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

To celebrate this, go to the blog on Love Bytes and leave a comment for a $10 MLR Press gift certificate.

There will be another blog in September.  I’ll let everyone know closer to the date.

Take Care!

Jenn Dease            MLRPress Author

Captain’s Mate     Lonnie’s New Christmas     Dragon’s Surprise   

Storming Love  Flood  Bridge & Doug


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Wanted to let everyone know I will be at GRL in October.

For those who don’t know, this is Gay Romance Lit. Retreat. ( It takes place yearly and this year will be in Kansas City, Missouri.  It starts on Oct. 19 and ends on Oct. 23.  Yes, it is geared to LGBTQ authors and readers.

I will be having a Q&A session and will be available at a table twice during the retreat. Also, there will be an author signing, and yes, I will be there.  What am I signing?  That will be announced later.

I have some swag to give away.  And can’t wait to get some swag from some of my favorite authors. You need to check out the web site for a list of all the authors attending.  This is going to be fun!

Jenn Dease

MLRPRess Author.

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What’s New?

I’m working on two different MS.  And I have three in the background.

This means I am working on only the two right now.  The others are between one third and half done, but are not being worked on at this moment.  When I get these two finished, I’ll go back to them.

I also wanted to let yunz guys know I am signed up for GRL in October.  This is taking place in Kansas City, Missouri this year.  It will be my first time attending and I am going as a Featured Author.  Yes, I’m wondering why I did that, but you have to go with your gut sometimes, and it was telling me to push the featured Author button.

More about the MS and GRL when I can.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Jenn Dease  MLRPress Author

Captain’s Mate

Lonnie’s New Christmas

Dragon’s Surprise

Storming Love; Flood  Bridge & Doug

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Happy April

Yes, I am still alive.  Yes, I am still writing.  Where have I been?  Still in the Pittsburgh area.

I am working on two different stories, one actually a historical, a short historical.  Another, a contemporary set around New Zealand.  The Dragons are currently on hold. Yes, both books are MM.  Don’t know if I would want to write anything else.

If everything goes right, go ahead and laugh, I will get here every week to keep all of you up-to-date on what I’m writing.  Keep you fingers crossed.

Jenn Dease

MLR Press

Captain’s Mate     Lonnie’s New Christmas     Dragon’s Surprise

Storming Love; Flood   Bridge & Doug




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NO. No, no, no. It can’t be November yet! That means I didn’t get all the things written I wanted to. Or all the things done that Life wants me to do when I’m not writing.

And now I have the holiday craziness to navigate. Blast and Damn.  53 days till Christmas.  Ouch.  Can we turn back a page or two in the calendar?  No?  Oh well.

I have a new story I’m working on.  And I started Dragon Marines 3, but am a bit stalled.  I’ll get there.  Promise.

Thanks for letting me rant.  Everyone take care and have a good November.

Jenn Dease    MLR Press

Captain’s Mate

Lonnie’s New Christmas

Dragon’s Surprise



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My sister picked Shorty Chelle as the winner of the Prize Giveaway.  I will be sending her an email in one moment.

Thanks to all the participants.  I do appreciate everyone who reads my blog.

Jenn Dease

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Adding to the Prizes

I said I was going to add something to the Prize Giveaway.  So, what should I add?

How about a Dragon Rescue Kit?  The kit includes one orphan dragon and Dragonkeeper’s Guide.

So, we have a free download of any one of my 4 ebooks, a $10 MLR Press gift card, a bookmarker, a Trade size dragon book cover and the Dragon rescue kit.  AANNDD….How would you like to be a side character?  In the next Dragon Marines’ story?    (I hope you like cold weather and snow)

Leave a comment and I’ll let one of my sisters pick a name on Sunday night.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Jenn Dease

Captain’s Mate

Lonnie’s New Christmas

Storming Love: Flood  Bridge & Doug

Dragon’s Surprise

All from MLR Press

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Deleted Scene

This is some deleted info from Dragon’s Surprise, mainly about characters that appeared in Captain’s Mate.

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win my Prize Giveaway;  $10 MLR Press gift card, a free download of one of my ebooks, a glass pendant necklace, a trade-size dragon book cover and a book marker.  Maybe I’ll add something else tomorrow.


The Marine squadron had many of the original dragons still in its ranks. Syrus was on his last tour of duty. He would be retiring in four months, unless war with the Voldai was declared. His mate, Scott Andrews, was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska. Syrus would be moving there after his retirement and opening a shifter training facility.

Penders and Perry were now part of Marine recruitment. The others, Tuft, Chulko, Stumpf, McCartney and Rund, had transferred to the Requiem with Dane. Three new Dragon Marines, Pacolay, Tkach and Mott, had joined the Squadron nine months ago.

Caroline, Tuft’s whale shifter mate was in Hawaii, expecting their second child. The first, Eric, was a water dragon, with the coloring of his mother’s blue whale. It was unusual to find a dragonette all one color.

Freddy Bishop, mate to Jacob Chulko, had been transferred to the Requiem at Franklin’s request. Captain Hiram Drexler had agreed to take back the rank of Vice Admiral and work at the Pentagon until his retirement. Franklin had been able to attend the ceremony and had extended best wishes from Dane and himself.

Dr. and Mrs. Penndragon were still aboard the Reagan

There had been few dragon/human problems on the Requiem, a testament to Franklin’s predecessor, Rear Admiral Robert Valamay. The Admiral’s new job at the Pentagon was to make relations between the Dragos and humans in the military more of a smooth and seamless entity.


Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Jenn Dease  MLR Press Author

Captain’s Mate

Lonnie’s New Christmas

Storming Love: Flood  Bridge & Doug

Dragon’s Surprise

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