Spring is basically here.  Warmer weather.  Flowers are blooming.  So, what am I doing?

Writing a Christmas story.  Yes, a Christmas story.  Of course.  What else?

Wish me luck.  I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Still working on the Ice Dragon story, but it’s coming a bit slowly.  But, I will get there.  Promise.  The space opera?  That’s in the background for now.  I have found, by trial and error, that I need to work on only 1 story at a time.  If I try to work on more, I get bogged down and basically go nowhere.  So, not going to do that again.

Hope everyone has a great Easter, Passover or anything else you celebrate this Spring.

Jenn Dease

MLR Press Author

About jenndease

I write M/M romance with a touch of shape-shifting. I read almost constantly and have for most of my life.
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