I decided to do a prize drawing to go along with the ‘Storming Love: Flood’ blog tour.

The prizes are ‘Longhorn’ duct tape and an oval Glass Pendant on a black ribbon.


Anyone who comments has one chance.  If you can tell me where in ‘Storming Love: Flood  Bridge & Doug’ the Longhorn appears, you get two extra chances.  Drawing will take place on May 11.

Don’t forget to check out the different blogs and prizes on the ‘Storming Love: Flood’ tour.

Good luck to everyone.

Jenn Dease

About jenndease

I write M/M romance with a touch of shape-shifting. I read almost constantly and have for most of my life.
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1 Response to PRIZE!!

  1. younela says:

    I haven’t caught up with the flood series yet it’s on my TBB list. Like to get them all after the last is released.

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