Yes, I’m still alive

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been here. Navigating life.

Went to a family reunion. Out of the 13 in my generation, 11 came with some of their family members. We had around 40 people. And that is less than half. This is my father’s side of the family. Mom’s side doesn’t even have 20 people.

Writing Dragon Marines #2. I don’t have a title yet. It’s just not coming to me. I am also working on a short for MLR, ‘Lonnie’s New Christmas’. Trying to get Dragons done in the next 2 weeks.

I am going to Authors After Dark in Charlotte, NC. This is Aug 6 to 10. No panels, just going. Let me know if anyone else is going to be there.

Thanks for reading.

About jenndease

I write M/M romance with a touch of shape-shifting. I read almost constantly and have for most of my life.
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