Monday Changes

It’s Monday and I put an application in a website for a job not far from the house.  It’s a part-time job, which would be good at this point.  I am looking for a new field to work in.  After 30+ years, it’s time to make a change. 

Yes, writing a book and getting it published is a big change.  Getting the house fixed up to sell is also a big change.  Losing the parents and the last two Aunts in Poppa’s side was a big change.  So, the last four years and the next two or so years will be basically the biggest changes in my life.  And my sisters’ lives.

Am I ready?  First response is ‘Hell, No!’.  But, I’m going to change that to a ‘Hell, Yeah!’.  These will be good changes in the future.  Just have to have faith.

About jenndease

I write M/M romance with a touch of shape-shifting. I read almost constantly and have for most of my life.
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